On Sunday 11 October 2020, was played the match valid for the Serie C football championship between Como and Lecco, the 'Lario derby'. The challenge between the two branches of which the lake is composed: the branch of Lecco (linked to Alessandro Manzoni, who spent his youth there) and the branch of Como (linked to the inventor Alessandro Volta, a native of the city of Como).
A particular derby due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which allowed only 400 lucky people to attend the match from the stands. Particular also because it marks the centenary from the first derby played between two teams of the two cities. The first derby of the Lario between Como and Lecco football teams in fact dates back to the Lombard Promotion championship, group C, 1920/1921 (100 years ago). The two teams at the time were Esperia Como and Canottieri Lecco.
Particular because although the stadium was open only to a lucky few, the 'Curva' of Como, the Ultras, the hottest fringe of the cheering of the city of Como, did not want to let the team lack their support by gathering under the entrance of their sector of the stadium, the one usually occupied, (wearing masks and following the rules of social distancing) singing choruses in support of their players, engaged on the pitch inside the stadium.
At the end, the team from the 'Manzoni' branch of the Lake won. A clear 3-0 that left the few spectators inside the stadium and the fans gathered outside, disappointed.
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