"The forest must be cut. Only in this way it keeps her own balance. Cutting where it is needed means taking care of the woods. With the "cutting of the forest" in Lombardy it is taken less than 20% of the growth of the forest is taken each year. In other words, thanks to the growth of trees, the timber in our forests grows by about 3 million cubic meters every year, while only about 550,000 cubic meters are cut. It is as if every year we withdraw less than 20% of the interest from the bank, leaving the rest and all the capital. Obviously, the "cutting of the forest" must be done with precise qualitative technical criteria, which aim to keep the forest healthy and to allow the birth and growth of new plants ("natural renewal"). These technical criteria are derived from "forestry", which is a science that studies the forest, its growth and ways to manage it in an environmentally friendly manner.

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